Full Service Interior Design

Imagine the feeling of living in a professionally-designed and customized space- whether it is your family room, your master bedroom, or even your entire home! You won't have to lift a finger because we do all of the interior decorating and designing for you.  Of course, your design style preferences and decisions are foremost and we will work as a collaborative team to achieve the aesthetic you are envisioning.

Our process is that we talk over the phone first, then we meet with you in person to preview your home, discuss in detail your preferences then we create a unique design concept that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  We then provide you with floor plans, a mood board, furniture, furnishings, paint colors, lighting, art, drapery, hard surfaces like flooring, if needed and all accessories and décor -  creating your design vision while staying within your budget.  Our promise to you is a gorgeous home that will function for you and your family for years to come! 


New Construction / Renovations

Congratulations on the upcoming purchase of your new home or congrats on the decision to remodel. That decision is the first step towards creating a new home to meet the needs for you and your family and be pleasing to the eye in each and every design detail. Whether you are building or embarking on an extensive home remodel to add some special new features or functions, it’s always best to have a design professional on your side.  

Did you know that design mistakes are the single most costly mistakes made by homeowners resulting in countless " do-overs" and "budget busters" ?  

By using KHB Interiors we will have all the details in one place along with costing, sourcing, and selection expertise in your back pocket! Get us involved long before the slab is poured and we can start with your plan review.

We can work from beginning to end, meaning a fully furnished home, or help you as you desire for only the services you would prefer. 

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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

The number of decisions to be made when renovating can be daunting and overwhelming! We will come to your home to help you select timeless elements for your kitchen and bath. We will help you select cabinetry, flooring, lighting, countertops, backsplashes, paint colors and other finishes thus making the renovating process much less stressful for you and your contractor. Kelly will take you to her favorite showrooms or visit them on her own and bring the options back to you! 


Day of Design

Stuck in “Design Indecision”? Want some instant gratification?

Our Day of Design Interior Design Service Option might be just what the doctor ordered.  Do you need your own “designer for a day”?

Perhaps you're not certain if your home needs a full-service design approach but you do feel it could benefit from some reSTYLING:  

Rearranging your furniture, creating an art display, styling your bookcases from a pro, rearranging your accessories, ideas on window treatments and much more. We will also tell you what pieces you mayneed to add to update your home.

Examples of questions and ideas often discussed include:  furniture placement and room layout, rearranging your art and decor, suggestions on how to accessorize your bookcases, suggestions on new accessories needed, color suggestions or any other interior design topic or questions you may have. This in home time is your own time to spend asking  away! I will gladly and freely share and divulge my secrets and tips to make your home the space you envision.  You are free to take notes and pictures as we move through your home discussing your ideas and projects.  

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Color Consultation

Paint is a tricky little element!  Choosing the right colors are serious business. The same exact color will look different from one room to another and from day to night. We will come to your house and work with you on the color palette you crave that reflects your desired style within your home.