Who Loves the Four Seasons Hotel?? Right Here In New Orleans We can Give you That Same Bathroom

We are so excited to share this major master bathroom renovation with you at our River Ridge Estate!  

khb interiors best new orleans interior decorator

Gorgeous custom bathroom vanity is gracing this beautiful marble look floor along with marble in the shower and on the vanity as well as the shower curb!  We love how this gold very classic yet traditional and beautiful mirror sits atop the vanity.  Precious sconces light the way!   

KHB Interiors NEW ORLEANS uptown lakeview interior designer old metairie master bathroom vanity mel .jpg
khb interiors new orleans award winning interior decorator old metairie river ridge designer

The cork paper applied to the walls is subtle yet dramatic as it shines with it's gold metallic accents! 

KHB Interiors new orleans interior designer award winning metairie interior decorator its all in the details fine wallpaper mel .jpg
custom bathroom new orleans interior designer old metairie uptown garden district interior designer lakeview new orleans

Loving the simplicity and the beauty of the contrasting metals as well as mixing the tiles ! 


Happy clients make us happy too!  


Here are a few before photos to show you where we started. 

khb interiors old metairie interior decorator
khb interiors new orleans interior decorator river ridge uptown lakeview new orleans interior decorator

New Orleans, River Ridge, Garden District, Uptown, Lakeview or Old Metairie -- for a gorgeous custom bathroom renovation and transformation give us a call.  

(504) 251-7009

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