Complete Facelift of this Old Metairie Master Bedroom

The home is only about 10 years old but was a tad outdated! So they called us in to transform their bedroom!

This was a renovating and a full service interior design project!

new orleans interior design award winning
old metairie interior designer garden district new orleans designer .jpg
interior designer new orleans and old metairie custom drapery

Reveal Day for these clients was fantastic. We updated this master starting with ripping out the carpet and replacing it with new hardwood floors. This made a huge difference in the warmth of this room and on top of the flooring we added this “FINE” wool rug that is plush and soft and so lovely to step on each morning. We updated the room with a custom wood and upholstered bed and the custom bedding was added to complete the space.

We were all just thrilled with the outcome!

If your home needs a renovation or a makeover let us know!

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