Several members of our Old Metairie Facebook group had recommended KHB Interiors so we met with her. We had used someone else when we built a few years ago but we felt like we wanted something new. We were preparing to renovate the second story of our house. We liked Kelly and her passion from the start was very evident and she was also thorough at explaining her service level she would give us. Feeling like she could help us achieve the look we wanted upstairs we hired KHB and we are glad we did. 

They renovated our upstairs from moving walls, adding a door, picking out all the new paint colors, new flooring, and had a flooring company who gave us beautiful options and was also well priced. KHB supplied the painters and the contractors to do the work and while I was at work and they handled it all for us. We needed a project manager on this beast. 

We are not a do it yourself type family so we appreciated the turnkey service they offered which meant I wasn't having to keep track of it all every step of the way. 

I liked when we were picking out furniture she had a nice but concise power point presentation, which I also use, decisions were made and they took the ball and made it happen. 

They also presented us with a complete design for two bedrooms that we really liked. We then had KHB furnish both rooms with everything we needed from the mattresses to the art and decor and all of the new furniture, custom drapes and bedding. 

Kelly insisted on what she called a 'reveal day' and I'm glad she did because it was exciting for us all. That day KHB and her helpers came in to set up everything and then we got to come home and be surprised at the finished rooms. It was fun. 

As you can probably tell we are extremely happy with the renovation and all of the rooms upstairs and look forward to working with KHB again when we start on the downstairs. I can't more highly recommend a good company and a good lady.