I starting looking for assistance when my husband and I bought new construction. Thank goodness we found Kelly from the beginning!

It started with a two hour consultation and I immediately knew that she would be great to work with. She is kind, fun, has a great sense of style and is honest which is precisely what we were looking for. We got so much accomplished in the two hour consultation that I never dreamed we would do - even picking out the exterior house colors.

Once we selected KHB to assist us, we started with the basics of the house – selecting wood floor color, tiles for bathrooms, plumbing fixtures for the bathrooms, cabinet colors throughout the house, bathroom & powder room vanity. I never realized there were so many decisions until we bought this house and Kelly helped us make selections that will be timeless.

She looked at pics of things we liked – my husband and I have different taste and honestly didn’t really know what we wanted but somehow Kelly managed to find the right balance for us.

Probably one of our favorite features in the house are our light fixtures. This is where we really had no idea what we wanted and Kelly knocked it out of the park! Everyone who visits the house comments on our lights. They are the perfect mix of elegant, classy, and unique.

She also put together the lighting plan which told the electricians exactly what height they should be hung. This was a life saver and made this process go so smooth.

She also helped us pick the perfect wallpaper for our powder room. I was so indecisive on this and Kelly’s patience was to be commended. She encouraged us to be bold and now we have a powder room that looks like it is straight out of a magazine! And even my husband (who thought he hated wallpaper) loves it!

Once the house was done, we hired Kelly for additional help to furnish the house. Since she had been with us from the beginning, it was a seamless transition into her knowing our style and what our vision was. So far Kelly has helped us with all the furniture and furnishings in our living/kitchen and master bedroom.

She selected beautiful fabric for our 12’ custom drapery and they completely transform the room. The couch that she selected bridges the gap of beautiful and luxurious at the same time. She assisted with these selections as well as a console table, coffee table, chair, kitchen table with chairs, kitchen barstools, custom headboard, nightstands, and dresser.

We truly couldn’t have found anyone better to work with on our house. Kelly is so fun and professional and so very easy to work with. She has such unique ideas that are implemented flawlessly.

I don’t want to imagine what our house would look like without her! We look forward to working with her on additional projects in the future.