I am very excited to write this review for KHB Interiors. Kelly at KHB Interiors was a great surprise for us. We have used other professionals in the past, but our experience with Kelly was very different. Kelly came highly recommended and I am doing the same here by recommending KHB Interiors.

Kelly has a natural gift for doing interior design work and just seems to know what works. She is extremely talented and skilled but also very detail oriented, organized and honest. A lot of interior design professionals I've run across over the years can sometimes be a bit 'scattered' but our experience with KHB Interiors was very organized and detailed. Kelly had a process and it made us both feel very comfortable, we loved her communication skills and really appreciated the fact that we always knew what was going on and what was going to happen next. 

That being said, we needed an interior designer and Kelly has a great eye for design. She effortlessly aided us in wading through the many paint colors and we are very happy with the outcome. Our home feels very ' on trend' yet it’s our style which exudes a peaceful and soothing feel. 

KHB Interiors was focused on our originality and worked to ensure that our home would stand alone and that our design was going to be uniquely ours. We liked that Kelly didn't come to us with 'standard' paint colors and 'standard' furnishings and most importantly ' standard ideas'. We wanted someone with experience and someone who could bring the latest trends to us but at the same time give our home a very unique look. 

If you need an interior designer in your home for any reason at all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KHB Interiors…