Can Paint Make It Sexy ?


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For a fun, fresh, exciting, shabby chic take on painting and interior design, have you considered chalk painting that old table or bed? You might not have even heard of it, but it’s a wonderful and unique way of painting designed by Annie Sloan specifically for painting furniture. Chalk paint creates a beautiful look for furniture by giving it a time-worn finish hearkening back to an earlier time period and imbuing any room with an immediate sense of nostalgia.

Transform a Vintage Piece with Chalk Paint

When it comes to New Orleans interior design, any type of paint that fosters an older, vintage look in furniture should be considered. Just mentioning the city of New Orleans pulls a smile from the faces of so many. With our modern, technological world, it’s hard to recall the simpler, quieter times spent rocking on your chair on the front porch, sipping lemonade and listening to the crickets make their music after the heat of the afternoon sun finally began to pull away.

In this heat it’s hard to imagine but some how back in the day they endured — as I digress—Now back to our subject:

Painting an old armoire, rocking chair or table with chalk paint can immediately transport you back to those days. For those rare and invaluable pieces of furniture that just need a little ‘rePURPOSING’, we can do just that for you. Furniture transformations are simple and will dramatically change the look of your entire space!   Your friends will be in envy when they see that gorgeous piece of furniture that appears to come from another century entirely —- do I hear Scarlett whispering to Rhett!!!

Chalk Painted Armoire

The fun thing about painting and interior design is that you have full control and can create any type of atmosphere you want in your room and your entire household.

You can even transform your bathroom cabinets and tub surround!!!!

Chalk Painted Tub Surround, Vanity and Mirror – New Beauty.jpg

No matter what your design preference –Shabby Chic, French Country, New Orleans Inspired Design, or Traditional, chalk painting can still have a place as there are so many colors and finishes to choose from, making it easy to create endless looks and styles.

Chalk paint has so many uses, you may have the misconception it’s only used to bring out the distressed look in furniture but it’s way more versatile than that! Chalk paint doesn’t have to be distressed; it can be sleek and classy too! Using specific techniques, the paint can reveal the grain in wood, thus creating a well-aged look that is sure to stand out in any room. But do not feel limited to the distressed or ‘shabby chic’ style, as chalk paint can be used for a modern finish as well. By varying your paint colors, waxing styles and finishing techniques, you can enhance and bring out the vibrancy and depth to the colors and to the piece itself.

Metallic Painted Antique Mahogany Buffet with Pewter, Silver & Gold Accents

At KHB Interiors, we would love the chance to help you achieve your interior design vision in any way possible. If we can help to give you more ideas about chalk painting and how to liven up your household, please let us know. We want you to love your home and every room in it, and if we can help by adding different styles and breathing new life into what is already there, we are glad to.

Happiness is …. working with you to transform any of your home or your furniture into a new creation.

Start thinking about a piece and give me a call!

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