Ooops — I Said The Dirty Word in Design

What’s the dirtiest word when looking to reDESIGN or reSTYLE your home?


That’s right, not contractors or designers, but BUDGET!!!!

Don’t believe everything on TV.

 A few things you can do before starting on your design project

1. Make your own personal interior design wish list- let your imagination run wild and pretend, for a minute, that money is no object – but be sure not to forget to include the practical items like new flooring or wall repairs.


Glamorous Master Bath Created With All Luxurious Finishes

2. If you have no idea of what your actual budget is, don’t fret, your interior design professional will be able to help you determine a budget range based on their knowledge of pricing. If it’s been a few years since you’ve reSTYLED or if this is your first major home project expect some sticker shock. Just like a gallon of milk has climbed in price, so have home furnishings.

3. Before you meet with your designer, prioritize your spaces, or at least give it a shot— which room first, second etc. Invest in important rooms first — kitchen and baths give you the most return for your money- then invest in the most important features of each room.

KHB Interiors suggests spending BIG MONEY on those  ‘wow’ items — the things you first notice when you walk into a room.    The pieces you use every single day:  well-made upholstery pieces, flooring, built-ins or investment art.

Don’t feel guilty about splurging on the things that will “make” your room that jaw-dropping piece of heaven you’ve dreamed of — just make sure they’re worth what you’re spending and will serve you well over time.

Select Big Pieces For The WOW Factor

Unless your budget is unlimited, you may not be able to do everything right away. But don’t lose heart —Designers often tend to tackle jobs in this order: backgrounds and surfaces (ceilings, walls, floors), build ables (built-in shelving), furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories.

If you are looking for ways to cut costs, do it on the cosmetic changes – there are ‘exclusive, high end items’ and there are ‘budget friendly items’ —

Select the highest quality your budget will allow. Remember these can make a big impact and instantly transform an out of date space to a very fresh and new room!

Don’t Forget:

•  Chances are, the budget you initially put together is just for the items – remember you have design fees along with labor costs so be sure to build in extra funds for those invaluable services.

•  Always remember — keep common budget busters in mind and always tuck away 15 to 20 percent of your total for the unexpected costs that will always arise.

KHB - keep calm and make a list

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