Tiara’s and Chandeliers – How To Select a Chandelier

So I have to ask? Haven’t you all heard the song by Meghan Trainor, It’s All About That Bass??

I’m sure you have and I’m not too shy to say I’m really not too fond of it but for me currently being fixated on CHANDELIERS,

I’ve changed the song in my head to ” It’s All About That Bling”.

Tiaras and Chandeliers- Lighting is the Tiara for your Room!

Lighting is the BLING I’m talking about.   So often the lighting in a room can be an after thought when the lighting for a room is actually the Tiara, or the crowing glory to any room.

My designs are classic, beautiful, traditional, and glamorous and as often as possible, an added dash of bling (lighting) is the topper to the space. No other design element can replace or mimic the crowing touch of a room like the tiara or the chandelier.  Every dining room, living room and even master bath can support chandeliers.

No longer are chandeliers only reserved for homes stuck in the past.  I’ve been known to be driving along with my husband heading to a weekend getaway when I see a local antique shop with lights sparkling through the window and I can see it’s a chandelier from the road.  Without hardly breathing I’m frantically asking him to stop,  pullover, stop,  pull over, please.  It’s a chandelier.   Something just takes over me and I need to run in there and see what that is – I dash out of the car while it’s practically still running, with anxious expectations to lay my eyes on another beautiful lighted beauty – as I said, it’s not just lighting.   Sometimes she’s seen her better days — but sometimes she is ready to find a new home gracing someone else’s ceiling.

Antique chandeliers are great finds– I got lucky again last week at a local New Orleans Estate Sale. I found a 1920s solid brass antique eight arm chandelier in all her glory with the 1920s chain completely intact – this will be restored and placed under a clients large outdoor white pergola.

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was when I got into my car with my new find.

Chandeliers all have their place. I recently picked up a couple of vintage chandeliers and did my good ole spray painting trick, went antique shopping to find just the perfect antique crystals and refurbished the entire piece of lighting.    Voila – tiara’s completed — smiling clients!

Vintage lighting can also be transformed in to my tiara!  This one pictured below, nearly stopped me cold in my tracks when I spotted her.  Another moment of great excitement!  Found on a trip out of town, again, was this bright gold, vintage 42″, 8 arm beauty– after a loving bout of rePURPOSING, she now hangs with all her beauty as the crown in a gorgeous New Orleans Inspired dining room.

Chandelier reSTYLE

But they’re not always antiques – I love them all. New, Old, Antique or Vintage– Lighting is so much more than just light!

Look at Regina Andrews – look at Aidan gray – I was recently in the Nancy Corzine showroom in Chicago where some of the Allan C. Knight beauties took my breath away. There were so many but just to mention my favorite two, the Coral Sea Chandelier with Bead Pendants and the Eda Ka Chandelier both would be the envy of all your guests in your home.  They are simply stunning pieces of art work – they are your lighting tiara.

by Aidan Gray

by Aidan Gray

So open up your mind and don’t think that chandeliers are just for the old or the stuffy.

Whether you find a simple but cute, basic 4 arm chandelier and you adorn it with white, shades of gold and a touch of pewter paint – that piece of lighting just might be the perfect crown for your room.   If the newer syle like the Aidan Gray Bourdeilles chandelier,  which is more modern,  with grays draped in wooden beads and metal adorning your foyer is your taste, then go for it.  Don’t be closed minded about your lighting.

Chandeliers can be extremely simple or very dramatic like the Allan C. Knight pieces — but keep your eyes fixed on the ceiling — all us girls need our tiara!  Whether your budget is $100 or $150,000 don’t overlook this statement piece of lighting — TIARA = CHANDELIER —   the crown of design.

by Allan Knight 

by Allan Knight 

Chandelier Gracing This Dining Room

And one more quick story — In my own personal Master suite I love soaking in a hot tub at night after a long day on my feet. And I love love gazing off at my beautiful antique chandelier. It just makes me smile.  Let me tell you where it’s at!  It’s over the throne !!! Makes a statement and makes me smile every time I enter my bathroom.  Be bold, don’t be afraid and use lighting to do what you want it to do — enhance and smile!

Next time I will give you some tips on selecting the proper size and scale.