Steamy Summer Paint Ideas for a New Orleans Girl

Summer isn’t over yet—- as you all can tell by the heat we had in New Orleans today!!

Steamy Hot On September 19th In New Orleans

But all the steaminess means it’s still a good time of the year  to pick out some cool, shabby chic summer-like  paint colors.  At KHB Interiors, New Orleans,  ( there’s one in NC too, I recently have been told) we are eager to help with all of your color consultation needs —so that any room in your home or office can be jazzed up with beautiful, soothing, calm colors perfect for complementing the steamy heat we still have in the Big Easy.

KHB Interiors – Placing Calm all Year Long

Living in New Orleans, we get to experience summer in a vastly different way than the rest of the country. As a New Orleanian I don’t think I’m alone in saying that we embody summertime.

Lovin NOLA

It’s  “easy” living  down here and there are so many great colors to really set the mood.  We can go with a color to compliment your current interiors or to start with an entirely new color scheme. When you are considering a new color scheme as part of your New Orleans interior design project, why not mull over one of our suggested colors below.

We just may  inspire you  to make a color change, or you may even select a potential theme from the photos below.

Color isn’t just for your face, ladies, so let’s have some fun redecorating and livening up interior spaces!

Trendy summer colors  we love

Shades of Blue

Our friend Blue — the color of trust, honesty, loyalty, prayerfulness, spirituality and religion.

  • Are you quiet, humble, reserved?
  • Do you possess self-confidence? Living with that inner sense of security?
  • Do you absolutely hate a confrontation?
  • Have you been called reliable? Trustworthy?
  • Do you like order in your life?
  • Are you conservative and predictable?
  • Do you love visiting a tranquil spa?
  • Think about relaxing all the time?
  • Would you like your home to inspire you to higher ideals?
  • To inspire communication between your family?
  • Everyone needs a natural stress reducer after a long day – Blue will reduce your stress and contribute to a sense of calm and a sense of order.
  • I know laying by the beach looking at the blue water or the blue sky gives us all that very calm and relaxing feeling –
  • Blue is a natural way to slow down your metabolism.
  • Go nostalgic and let’s talk BLUE!

Obviously blue is gorgeous on your walls, but that’s not the only way we use blue down here in the South…. We like our Blue on the ceilings — other ways to add this serene, comforting color scheme to your room, consider painting smaller accessories, such as a lamp or furniture in need of new paint.

Love That Blue

Nautical Navy: This is another color that may make you think of Destin when you step into a room. Pairing it with white accents definitely enhances that “beachy” feel and imbues a room with a feeling of warmth and peace.

navy is nice

As well, blue  is a great  neutral and can pair well with many other colors like pinks, oranges, green  and even  yellow!

Dining Room in Blue by Curations
KHB Interiors New Orleans Color Consultation – Adding Yellow To Your Space

Vintage Yellow: Shades of the sun are also a natural color and will naturally set a lovely mood and make you think of summertime, backdoor barbecues, baseball and swimming at the pool.

  • Do you need enthusiasm for life? More confidence? More optimism?
  • Do you consider yourself a great communicator?
  • Have you been accused of being non-emotional?
  • Are you a talker? A networker ?
  • A journalist, scientist, analyst?
  • YELLOW – For all the left-brainers and my most logical of friends… might be the choice for you.. don’t be mellow, chose yellow!
  • Yellow plays well with the comic and also with the scientist.
  • Yellow offers hope, happiness, fun and cheerfulness and will be uplifting to your spirit.
  • Yellow evokes mentally creative ideas. Yellow on your walls, your furniture, or as accent pieces will help you find new ideas of doing the same ole thing. Who knew a paint color could help you like that?

For an interesting twist and a guaranteed permanent smile on your face, be so daring as to paint your space with yellow-and-white stripes. Shades of yellow are also great accent colors for your White – on – White Space.

Warning on Yellow… it can produce anxiety and cause you to feel agitated!

Yellow has a tendency to make you more mentally analytical but warning – if you are experiencing a lot of life changes right now or past the age of 60 stay away from our friend mellow yellow!

Let an expert guide you through which is perfect for your home!

Yellow & White Delight

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