Designer For a Day Can Cure the Do-it-Yourself Blues!!



Nice, I know…Did you know that in a recent Houzz survey, it was found that 98% of the Do-it-Yourself Homeowners are not happy with the interior design or style of their home.  Isn’t that sad and so staggering… could it be true that really only 2% of the homeowners like where they live and breathe, and sleep and spend time with their cherished family.


Many people are still living in 80’s styled home and every time they go roam Magazine Street or Old Covington, they freeze at the thought of indecision.  It's something we all go through but in different parts of our lives -- when it comes to your home,  I call this INTERIOR DESIGN INDECISION !!!   



KHB Interiors New Orleans Very Dated Room Before Picture

 You wake up and every morning stare at your dated and over worn furniture and really want a change.  It's not the budget stopping you it's the decisions.  

You've looked and looked and finally think you are ready to purchase -- then BAMMMM - the fear creeps in and that little voice whispers in your head : " will really fit? will that look like Amanda's?  will it last ?  Will Mike like it?     So you freeze and do nothing  --

KHB Interiors New Orleans Interior Design Designer for a Day is your solution Picture


Studies show that by hiring an interior design professional  you can go  from the 98% of unhappy do – it-yourself homeowners, into that 2% of happy Homeowners.   

Novel—not really! 

Everyone is different and I think hiring a Designer for a Day or as it’s otherwise know, getting a Day of Design may appeal to a bunch of you out there.

Perhaps you're not certain your home needs a full-service design approach but you do feel it could benefit from some reSTYLING:  A new area rug, some lamps, new floor plan, a sofa, accessorizing a bookcase, creating an art display, paint colors, window treatment ideas, suggestions on chalk painting, and on and on!  A Day of Design might just be the thing for you.


Fresh Ideas: Selecting furnishings can be a daunting task. 

Pinterest, Houzz, Joss & Main, Overstock-- so many choices it can be overwhelming.  I can help you navigate the maze.

Room Layout:  Maybe you need furniture placement layouts and could benefit from guidance on: proper scale, pattern coordination, traffic control or ideas for multipurpose room functions.

KHB INTERIORS New Orleans Interior Design Furniture Placement Sample

Finishes for a Do-it-Yourself Project: Are you in the process of reDESIGNING your kitchen or bath, and your contractor is stalled waiting on you for your selections.  The thought of facing

The thought of facing the daunting task of deciding on finishes, like tile, plumbing fixtures, counters and such is just overwhelming you right now?

Career Overload: No Spare Time: Would it be helpful to have a professional, creative plan handed to you which would really cut down time as you go shopping for your room's finishing touches? 

Personal shopping can also be arranged after our initial Day of Design after your preferences are determined.

Furniture Placement:  We combine my design ideas with the manpower to make it happen – today!

KHB Interiors New Orleans Interior Design Client Inspiration Mood Board

Playroom or Home Office Organization:  Let’s put everything in its proper place.

"I Just Need Help With Selecting Window Treatments, and Fabric to Recover My Chair":

We can spend our day looking at options and fabrics so you are confident in your choices.

KHB INTERIORS New Orleans Interior Design Day of Design Bookcases and Furniture Layout

Our day can include things like: Ideas on Furniture Selection, Finishes for a DIY Project, Furniture Placement, Playroom Organization, Accessorize Bookcases, Ordering Furniture, Replacing Art and Moving your current art and Accessories around, Fabric Utilization, Unique Ideas, Personal Shopping, Room Layouts, Home Office Organization, Rearrange Art & Décor, Drapery Ideas and much much more.   


These are only some suggested uses of your Day of Design-- the sky's the limit!


This Day of Design Service Offering will get you on your way to achieving a beautifully designed home!  Think of this as spending the day with your KHB Interiors New Orleans’ personal design pro with a menu of service options to help revitalize your interior!   


You'll receive a follow-up list to recap the day, along with your action plan to implement.  Clients who have selected this service plan will carry out the follow-up list on their own and through their own service resources.  Access to my specialized service providers/to-the-trade sources are reserved for Full Service Design Services.

If you decide to utilize my services to carry out the design plan, or if we find additional days are necessary in order to address an expanded list of items, I can happily schedule and quote that, too.

If the desire is to rework the space, via moving furniture or hanging artwork, etc., this must be pre-determined and pre-scheduled, as we'll need additional manpower for heavy lifting.  Typically this activity would be accomplished during a second design day visit or after an initial in home consultation. My installer's fee will be in addition to my design fee.

Your thoughts and comments about how you would use your own Day of Design are welcomed.  

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Give us a ring at 504.251.7009 and share your details on an upcoming project you may have in mind and schedule your own DESIGNER FOR A DAY!