Your Thanksgiving reDESIGN Faster Than June Cleaver Can Whip Up a Sandwich

If you’re like me you are pulling out your favorite holiday recipes from last year. I’m looking for 2 dessert recipes because sweets rule -- chocolate fudge and ice box lemon pie - sweets come first in my world -- and of course, my family’s long time oyster dressing recipe needs to be found.  (Email me at or comment to get these recipes sent directly to you). While you are digging through your recipe folder and looking around your home you are probably thinking“ what can I do to spruce up real quick before Amanda and John come home for Thanksgiving?”


It’s a great question that I often get from a lot of homeowners in a panic the week before Thanksgiving so here are a few quick tips to brighten up and liven up your home.

 Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door.   Nothing pops and says welcome like a freshly painted entrance way.

KHB Interiors New Orleans Interior Design Front Door Colors

Don’t be afraid of color – some of my favorite front doors are red, mint green and yellow.  Be adventurous – remember it’s only paint.  Add a nice holiday wreath to your door and some plants around your entryway.  If you can’t talk your hubby into painting or if don’t have time to paint, clean it up real good and go with plants and the wreath on their own. It will still do a world of good to say, “welcome home”!

Think GOLD: Walk around your entire home and gather up some of your accessories like vases, frames, candlesticks, and baskets. 

KHB Interiors New Orleans Interior Design Gold Bedroom From Pinterest

Gold is the metal of the season so with a few quick coats of gold spray paint you can accent your home with sprinkles of gold throughout! 

In your dining room purchase a nice linen table runner and some complimentary place mats.   Use one of those gold vases, or mix metals here -- polish off your favorite silver vase and add some beautiful fresh flowers for your centerpiece.  This is easy and quick and you only need to get the flowers.


Spotlight of the day where everyone always gathers at my home is where the bird gets roasted --- so replace your old potholders and kitchen towels with nice new fresh ones. They get noticed on Turkey day. New hardware can be a transforming detail for any kitchen.  Your guests will think you had your cabinets replaced. Put away the decorations and small appliances you won’t be using so your countertop is clear for the trays and extra dishes. 


Powder rooms get as much action on Thanksgiving as your kitchen so clean off the counter tops and add a live plant – along with new hand towels.  I love using guest towels, which is a little less germy to me! 

KHB Interiors New Orleans Interior Design Guest Towels

If you really want to make a change, consider a new light fixture and a new mirror.  If your old fixture has been around a while, a change of lighting can really update a bathroom without a lot of expense and trouble. 

KHB Interiors New Orleans Interior Design Powder Room DC Brown


Lampshade inventory – take a look at how old your lampshades are and consider replacing them.  Many of the big box décor stores have lampshades and it’s a quick way to update any of the lamps in your home! 

Amanda and John will be tired from traveling across the country so give the guest bedroom an extra special touch.  Comfort is always first – hard for me to say that beauty isn’t first but it’s really not!  Do the classic guest room sleep test.  Spend one night in your guest room this week and that will surely determine what you need for number one: comfort!

New sheets are always special and don’t forget a nice mattress topper too, especially if it’s Amanda’s mattress from college.

Freshen up the guest bedroom with some fresh flowers too and be sure there’s a working alarm clock, a lamp and plenty of blankets of different weights… oh and don’t forget the pillows.  I know my guests all seem to prefer different types of pillows so get one of each variety – soft, hard, memory foam etc.

Remember your overnight guests will be using a guest bathroom so those need to be tip top clean!  Fresh soap, linens and toiletries are top on this list.  I like to take a pretty basket and fill it with some hotel sample sizes from my favorite resorts!  Guests are sure to smile at this thoughtfulness.

KHB Interiors New Orleans Interior Design White Family Room DC Fig

If you are pressed for time, adding greenery and plants is always a refreshing addition to any room. 

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Happy Turkey Day Design Lovers - and Happy Thanksgiving as I am so blessed ! 

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